There is nothing like an attractive picket fence design to compliment a home. When the fence is then painted to match the house the whole blends in perfectly and is one of the most attractive kinds of fence there is. One way to blend in even better is to repeat some of the home design in the fencing. We can easily do this for you, by taking a pattern off your wrought iron fretwork or some other part of the house and creating a motif to decorate or form part of the fence.

You can see many examples of this on our website or simply go for a drive and look at the homes and fences in suburbs near you. Our picket fences can go on a sloping block too, so don’t think you have to go without because your block is not level. For a slope we do stepped picket fences that look just as attractive.

Another attractive option in picket fencing is the scalloped fence with the pickets dipping between posts to form a wave effect. This needs to be around a vintage home that also has curves of some kind for the best effect. If you want a fence that is attractive or different in some way, why not give us a call and let us suggest a unique approach? We are the fencing specialists and love what we do so we don’t just throw any kind of fence around a home. It has to be special and perfect to match the style of the home as well as the colour.